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Date:Friday, 5 April 2019
Pick up points:Crab and Winkle at 08.00, Bretton Centre at 8.10 and Thorpe Meadows at 08.30.
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The morning visit is to Delapre Abbey with a guided tour of the Abbey of St Mary de la Pre.  This is a neo-classic mansion with outbuildings, which incorporate the remains of a former monastery.  Its extensive sloping grounds are a nationally protected battlefield site from the War of the Roses in 1460.

Our coach should arrive at Delapre at about 09.50.  The guided tour of the Abbey and Gardens starts at 10.00.  This tour should take about an hour.  After the tour, there is time to buy refreshments in the cafe before moving onto Northampton at 11.45, getting there about midday.

We will have time in Northampton to have lunch followed by a guided tour which includes the Guild Hall, 78 Dernsgate and Medieval Church and other buildings of note at 1.30.

This quater of Northampton is well served with restaurants and cafes for all tastes.

We should leave Northampton between 4.00 and 4.30.

More information contact Brenda Fearon on 01733 239848.

To book call Gina Bates on 01733 579317

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