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Date:Thursday, 28 March 2019
Cost:£31 adult £29 over 65
Pick up points:Crab and Winkle, Werrington at 7.40, Bretton Centre at 7.50, Thorpe Meadows at 8.00 (£2.50 parking charge)
Booking deadline:March 1st 2019
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Blenheim Palace is the principal residence of the Dukes of Marlborough and the only non-royal, non-episcopal country house in England to hold the title of palace.  The palace, once one of England's largest houses, was built between 1705 and 1722 and was designated a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1987.  It was named for the 1704 Battle of Britain.

The Palace was originally intended to be a reward by Queen Anne to John Churchill, the 1st Duke of Marlborough for his military triumphs against the French and the Bavarians in the War of the Spanish Succession, culminating in the Battle of Blenheim.  Soon after construction began, it became the subject of political infighting leading to Marlborough's exile, the fall from power of his Duchy and lasting damage to the reputation of the architect Sir John Vanburgh.

Designed in the rare and short lived English Baroque style, architectural appreciation of the palace is as divided today as it was in the 1720's. It is unique in its combined use as a family home, a mausoleum and national monument.  The palace is also notable as the birthplace and ancestral home of Sir winston Churchill.

Our visit will ionclude entrance to the Palace, Park and Gardens, including an audio tour.  There will be various exhibitions on view and opportunities for refreshments from full dining to more casual fare.  The Palace has a full accessibility statement on their website

Further information from Robyn Mitchell 01733 512023

Book by calling Gina Bates on 01733 579317

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