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Added on: Wed 6th March 2019

Ladies and gents - just to try and quell all the rumours and assumptions that are spinning around - the Committee are getting queries from all directions and all with different takes on what is happening
From the PU3A perspective we have a number of Committee Members in contact with the Council about what is happening, and what will happen in the near future.
It is all far more positive considering the initial stories that were doing the rounds.

It seems, at present, that the Council is working to prevent any disruption to current renters of the facility, but their problem was that the management committee of the Copeland were not supplying the details of those renters (don't blame me if this is in any way incorrect - it is what the Council have told us). To this end we are now giving them details of all our groups and bookings at The Copeland.

In the meantime our Venues Sec and Group Coord are trying to keep GLs who use the centre up to speed with developments and advice.

I get the feeling that the Council are grateful that we (PU3A) are being so proactive as they have encountered problems they hadn't foreseen when the whole episode hit the fan.

Once more is known we will post in here and on the website to try and keep members up to date.

Alan Locke (PU3A Vice-Chair)

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