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Possible Book Binding Group Opportunity

Added on: Thu 9th August 2018

We have been contacted by a member of Stamford U3A with an offer of what would appear to be quite a niche group that may appeal to PU3A members.  We are "advertising" this as an unusual activity that may not be something that would occur within PU3A but may appeal to one or two of our members.  It is an exception to our normal process of only showing PU3A activities on our web site.

It should be noted that we (the PU3A Committee) believe that you would need to take out Associate Membership with Stamford U3A to enable the standard U3A insurance policy to cover you in case of accidents whilst attending the group.

From Chris Gardiner (Stamford U3A)

I am currently in the process of setting up a new interest group – Bookbinding and Restoration - within Stamford U3A, of which I am a member. As it is quite a niche interest, I feel it would be useful to spread the net a little more widely than usual  One of the venues being considered is Bainton Reading Rooms, however I cannot confirm that at the moment. The first meeting is scheduled for 18th September. 

The group will be open to anyone, from experienced bookbinders to complete beginners who would like to give this fascinating craft a try. The meetings will take the form of practical workshop sessions where members will work at their own pace on their own individual books. The aim will be to share tips and techniques and for the more seasoned bookbinders to guide the novices to enable them to complete their chosen project. As the group develops we may also invite experts to give demonstrations on specialist aspects of the craft. The intention is to meet fortnightly on the first and third Tuesdays of each month. Venue to be confirmed.

What should you bring?

You may wish to restore a treasured childhood book, family bible or other heirloom, or repair that favourite cookbook that has now disintegrated. You could also bring a much-loved but battered old paperback and turn it into a hardback. Alternatively you might make a book completely from scratch - perhaps a notebook or keepsake album, or make a slipcase to hold important documents.

Tools: Bookbinding requires a few specialist tools but to begin with a craft knife, cutting mat, steel ruler, set square, sharp pencil, and some PVA glue will get you started.

If you are interested in joining or finding out more about the group, please contact Chris Gardiner at or phone 01780 752939

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