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Added on: Tue 19th June 2018

Hi all, just a heads-up.
There is a suspicion that someone in our membership has had their online address book compromised (that is an individual member - not the PU3A database).

Others have been sent an email looking like it is from someone they know in PU3A - but it isn't.

When you open the mail there is a link encouraging you to click it --------- DON'T

We don't know if this link is one to introduce a virus or some kind of "trojan" into your device - but it isn't worth taking the chance.

The ones received by members so far have been titled "Precious Memories", but beware of anything with a link in it unless you have verified the email authenticity with the sender or are expecting it prior to receipt.

Also this is a prompt for EVERYONE to make sure their virus-guard is up to date and turned on.


It is an unfortunate fact of life that email's do suffer from these things sometimes - just like your front door letter box gets attacked by the Postman with rubbish leaflets encouraging you to spend your hard earned cash on rubbish you don't want anyway.


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