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Added on: Thu 7th June 2018

Below is a list of new groups being proposed for PU3A in June 2018.

Where known a precis of the activity is given along with contacts where known

If you are interested then please get in contact with the person shown and maybe the group will take off.

  • Folk/Country Group - a proposed group for those who like playing this genre of music.  They would dearly like to here from any Banjo/guitar, fiddle/violin players
    Contact for this group is Hilary Keegan 01733 265769

  • Croquet - one for the summertime.  Fancy giving this popular country house sport a go - now is your chance
    Contact for this group is Hilary Keegan 01733 265769

  • Raspberry Pi - No - this isn't a cookery group dedicated to summer fruit puddings - Rasberry Pi is a smal piece of kit used to teach computer programming at it's basic level.  If you want to learn what the kids in schools are using nowadays then this could be the one for you
    Contact for this group is Hilary Keegan 01733 265769
  • Archers Appreciation - This is the radio programme appreciation, not,  as was suggested by one lady,  appreciation of the alcho-pop - or standing watching bowmen making appreciative comments  laugh

    The following is from the lady proposing the group ---- 

    The group will meet to discuss characters, plots, locations both current and in the past. There will be quizzes, possibly trips and visiting speakers.

    It is open to all who, like me, love discussing the latest episodes of this amazing and long-running radio programme. I have been listening off and on (mainly on!!) now since Midnight and Grace were killed in the stable fire way back in the 60's, but newer converts are most welcome and I am sure as a group we will share many different perspectives on the storylines and characters.

    Light refreshments will be provided.
    Contact for this group is Hilary Keegan 01733 265769

  • The Grumpies - This one could be fun.  A group for both ladies and gents who have the Victor Meldrew gene.  It will be a light hearted discussion group led by whatever topics have wound the members up in the past couple of weeks.  Nothing too serious - because without the fun element it could all become a topic in it's own right
    Contact for this group is Ken Wakeford 01733 688694


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