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Added on: Sat 24th February 2018



In mid-January 2018 it was decided by the committee that we would trial a PU3A-wide Facebook group for the members of Peterborough U3A.

This is to enable the membership to have the widest possible choice of methods to communicate with each other, and the PU3A Committee on all things pertaining to our very large U3A group. This isn’t a group for chit-chat on items that are not relevant to Peterborough U3A or the U3A in general – there are other groups for that kind of thing.

We have kept it as a “closed” group, where people will have to ask for membership of the group and the admins will check that only PU3A members are allowed in.

In the first 2 weeks it has proved very popular with approaching 300 people joining and many taking part in items posted.

We know that not all members are Facebook users, sometimes by choice and sometimes by lack of need, however this may be the time to dip your toe in the water of Facebook to see if it is something that you can use to keep up to date with what is happening in PU3A. If you don’t want to use Facebook - no problem, all of the "normal" communication methods (Newsletter/Website etc) are remaining.

If you are already a Facebook user - to join our group, click on the link at the top of this article, then on the presented page click on the blue bar saying “Join Group”. You will have to answer 2 questions

1. Your PU3A Membership Number
2. If your Facebook name is different to your name used for PU3A what is your PU3A name.

This is to prevent people outside of PU3A taking up Admin time investigating odd names that we don’t know.

The request will then pass to the admin of the group to confirm membership of the group. You will then be able to read and contribute.

If you are not a Facebook user but want to be, joining up is simple – see below

To create a Facebook account:

  1. Go to

Note – if you are concerned about “security of data” there are ways to get around this. See text in red below

  1. Enter your name, (you can be creative here use a pseudonym if you want – but note that when applying to join the PU3A Group we will want your real name in the security questions we ask)
  2. Enter your email or mobile phone number, (You can create an e-mail account with someone like gmail or yahoo etc purely for your Facebook use - then just let that account sit quietly and never use it. And you don’t HAVE to enter a mobile number)
  3. Enter a password (don’t use one you use for anything else – but write it down somewhere as you don’t necessarily have to use it that often)
  4. Enter a date of birth (again you don’t have to tell the truth – so long as you show as over 13 yrs that is fine – I think we all qualify in PU3A 😊 )
  5. Enter your gender (You could fib here but I see no point really)
  6. Click Create an Account.
  7. To finish creating your account, you need to confirm your used email (the one you may have created specifically for Facebook) --- or mobile phone number.

We have also created a guide on the basics of navigating around Facebook - see here

And finally there is a PU3A guide on Facebook Do's and Dont's  - these are general and dont just pertain to Using our closed group, but are more common sense guidance on using Social Media - see here

We hope this will become a popular way of staying in touch within PU3A.

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