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Roving Reporter - Quiz Night November 2017

Added on: Tue 28th November 2017


24th November 2017

That time of year had arrived again, when the combined might of the Peterborough U3A minds came together for the bi-annual Quiz Night.

The categories had been chosen and 95 questions for them compiled. Subjects for this year consisted of Firsts (who or what was first of something), Geography (to take us beyond our shores), TV & Film (from your childhood through to present), Music (from Classical to Popular), Food and Drink (designed to make you hungry), Company Logos (do you ever take them in?), Science and Nature (do you absorb the world around you) and finally Lasts (for the last round this was obvious). There was also a testing round for the tea break of Celebrity Faces.

As always, this pan-U3A event attracted more entrants than we could seat in the hall, so a first come-first served entry applied, and we ended up with around 90 people in teams of up to 8. Some were from a specific U3A group, others were from disparate (not desperate 😊) groups who came together for a night of fun and thought.

The Firsts round was compered by Brenda Fearon wearing her “Prefect” badge (although she claimed it should have been spelt Perfect), and the scoring got off to a brisk, but not outrageous start.

As each round finished Conny Yarwood, one of our “busy bees” from the committee, ran around the tables collecting up the answer sheets for entry into our high-tech scoring system – a large sheet of spare wallpaper made into a grid 😊

By the second round, Geography, some teams felt that they would risk playing their Jokers to double those points. Hilary Keegan presided dressed in her finest Mortar Board – giving a good impression of The Prof.

Round three, TV and Film, was up next and the low-brow round began, hosted by Alan Locke dressed in his Dunces hat. Topics ranged from Captain Pugwash to Silence of the Lambs, again a couple of Jokers came in.

We then dragged the level of questions back up to mid to high-brow, with Brenda asking about music - Classical tracks through to Bond Themes. There were eyes raised to heaven looking for inspiration as the hall filled with strains of various artists.

After such brain searching it was time for a break, with tea, coffee and homemade cakey on offer (all supplied by PU3A) with a lovely selection of sweet and tasty bites made by Brenda’s daughter. Our catering was, as always, overseen by Jill Parsons, rolling out about 90 tasty treats in 20 minutes; well done Jill.

Throughout this interlude a Picture Quiz scrolled through the screen where you had to identify celebs from unusual photos – many were guessed correctly, but a couple caused slip-ups to be made.

Our 5th round was on Food and Drink, cooked up by Brenda, and this brought a flurry of Jokers to be played – so it would appear that PU3A is crammed full of Mary Berry’s and Jamie Oliver’s. For some the Jokers worked – for others not so much.

For round six it was into the Corporate World to find out how much notice is taken of their Logos. Are people brand-loyal and the logo is what attracts you, or is advertising a waste of time. The jury is still out on that. In this round the speaker system for the hall decided it was time for a rest, but not before it did an impersonation of a plane falling from the sky, so we had to employ a shouty question master.

Alan continued with Science and Nature, asking what you knew about Blue Boobys and Moons of Uranus. The science swots of 50+ years ago came into their own here. As the round finished the speaker system came back from it’s tea break just in time for Brenda to resume as question-mistress

With the winning place still up for grabs with the last round to go we entered the final round of things with “Last” in the answer. The result was swinging about right up to the last sheet being marked.

We had finished with a round on “Lasts”, but suddenly, at the end, we had a first on our hands ------- A tie for the top. This hasn’t happened since the Quiz Nights have been running.

The teams Thick End of the Wedge and Pauline’s Pals had finished on 79 points each, so we needed a tie-break. Brenda did her best to spilt them with learnt knowledge questions 3 times, and still they would not be split, so we had to revert to a bit of pot-luck with a “Who can guess a date closest to Brenda’s birthday” – that sorted it out with Pauline’s Pals coming out as winners. With a possible 95 points on offer we had a spread of 48 to 79 points from bottom to top, and everyone seemed to have lots of fun in the process.

We, the organisers, would like to thank all of the helpers, and especially the participants for a fun night. We also extend a very big thank you to all those who helped in packing the tables and chairs away at the end – it made everything disappear very quickly

Watch out for our next quiz night in the Spring of 2018 – it will be announced on both the web site and in the PU3A Newsletter. You need to book early as it fills up fast. It isn’t necessary to have a full team to enter – even if you only have a partial team or are an individual the organiser can fit you in somewhere if you are quick enough to book.

To view a gallery of photos from the night click here



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