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Roving Reporter - New Members Meeting October 2017

Added on: Tue 10th October 2017

New Members Meeting October 2017

On Saturday 7th October 2017 PU3A held one of the bi-annual New Members Meetings at Christchurch Hall in Orton Goldhay.

There was a good attendance with a ¾ full hall. The morning started with a cup of tea or coffee and a biscuit all gratis.

The idea of the meeting is to give new and prospective members an overview of what PU3A is about and what activities are on offer.They also get the chance to meet some existing members and Group Leaders.

For the first 30 minutes there was a slide show with commentary giving general information. During this the audience was introduced to the Committee Members present and also the Group Leaders who attended with a view to gaining new blood for their groups.

For the next 15 minutes Hilary Keegan ran through the process for joining groups and showed the range of groups we currently run.

Finally Mary McCarthy ran the last session giving those present the low-down on how to join and what members get for their membership fee. She followed this by promoting a few of our “Open Access” events in the coming months, and ended by taking a Q&A session.

The organisers are pleased to say that there were complimentary comments made about the gathering both at the meeting and also by email afterwards.

These meetings are a boon for those new to the group as it can be a little bewildering at times with the organisation covering such a wide range of activities in a large area such as Peterborough.

It is worth Group Leaders attending these meetings if they want to keep their groups vibrant, as members move on for various reasons, and without that new input the group can wither.

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