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25th Anniversary Documents

Added on: Thu 28th December 2017

At the bottom of this page there are links to documents and photo galleries about our 25th Anniversary.



This year (2017) sees Peterborough U3A celebrate 25 years of existence; and over those 25 years the embryonic group has developed into a burgeoning gathering of people with a young outlook on life as they enter their “third age”.

Back in 1992, on the 4th of June, a gathering of just over 80 people (including local dignitaries and National U3A officials) met at the Town Hall and agreed the basic principles of the new U3A division.  The membership fee back then was set at £8.00 and an official sign up of 122 people within the first year.  We were on our way with people suggesting 88 different groups to kick off with.  It is not clear how many of these groups actually survived to become embedded as ongoing activities, but the numbers demonstrate the vigour with which the new U3A started.  Some of the groups still have distant relatives running such as Calligraphy, Languages and Dance, but others, some with unusual names, have fallen by the wayside – such as Tatting, Campanology and Pyrography (which I had to look up 😊 ).  As with all things there are fads and phases which move on with time.

As many will know, we have now moved on to around 2800 members and groups which number in excess of 160.  This large membership makes us the 2nd largest affiliated U3A in the country, only beaten to 1st place by Sheffield.

The original “Newsletter” consisted of a mere page and a half of A4 compared to our now bursting edition of 60+ pages every 4 months.

I don’t want to repeat many of the statistics which will be included in the other “reports” from previous anniversaries, so will leave it at that for now, but I am sure the articles will make good reading if you have an interest in the history of our little band of people.

One point of note is that we still have members today who were part of the "founding "fathers (and mothers)" group.  One of them is still an active Committee Member - namely Paul Parker who organises our yearly Day Trips Group.

We are going to publish some of the pictures and documents, charting our first 25 years, here on the website.  This link to this document will remain on the front page of the site for the rest of 2017 and will be used as the access point for all of the other items we can find and publish, so come back from time to time and see if we have dug out other tidbits of our history.

Links  (N.B. Documents which open in .pdf format may need you to enlarge using the + button to
            make them readable - they are faithful reproductions as originally constructed on the PCs
            of the time)

Peterborough U3A Newsletter No1 (Summer 1992)

Peterborough U3A Newsletter No2 (October 1992)

Peterborough U3A Newsletter 1 Year on (December 1993)

Activities Day 1999 (a photo gallery)

10 years of UK and Foreign trips (a photo gallery)







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