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Added on: Wed 25th January 2017

You may have noticed a few changes to the look of the PU3A web site front page and certain functionality.

The Meeting Dates function available to group leaders is considerably underused (only about 2% use the function), but there are many “tie-in” appearances on the front page of the web site.  As there are large swathes of the front page given over to this functionality which benefits only a very small section of the membership we have decided to tidy up the front page by removing those appearances (see below).

The function of entering dates for group meetings is still available for Group Leaders who do use it, but members will have to visit the group page to view the dates entered.  This may be beneficial in the longer term as members will see any other changes made to their participant group pages by the Group Leader.

The changes are as follows.

1.       The calendar function on the right of the front page REMOVED. 


2.       7 day links at bottom of front page. REMOVED.    


3.       My Activities on left side links.  REMOVED. 

4.       My Activities on the top Activities Menu.  REMOVED.

We apologise if any of these changes have inconvenienced you or your group, but we have to consider best use of the web page functionality, and despite trying to encourage use of the Meeting Dates functionality it has proved fruitless.


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