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Group Names & Group Page updates

Added on: Sat 7th January 2017

In an attempt to give continuity between the group web pages and the tri-annual Group Leaflet some of the group names have undergone minor changes.  This is to make life easier from the members point of view (especially potential new members). 

Some of the groups had names which threw them wildly out in the alphabetical list - for example if you were looking for a group to do with things of a Welsh nature,  the natural reaction would be to go for the alphabetical selection of "W" for Welsh - not as it was to select "A" for All things Welsh.

Below is a list of some of the changed names (this may not cover all as I didnt note them as I went)

Art - Alphabet of Art (2 Groups) - added "Art" at begining

Boules/Petanque 2 - changed from Petanque/Boules to allign with other Boule Group which is now Boules/Petanque 1

All Bowls groups now begin with the word "Bowls"

Reading groups - most reading groups are now preceeded with the word "Reading"

Dance Groups - in the main now begin with the word "Dance"

All groups for walking are now preceeded with "Walking Group"


We are begining to populate the Activity Search facility (available from the front page of the web site) so if you cant find the activity you require just type in a key word and click Search to obtain a list of the relevant groups in PU3A. 

Group Leaders can/should take a look at the keywords entered for their groups via your admin access to ensure they are what you wish them to be.





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