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Roving Reporter - Brain Training Group

Added on: Thu 15th December 2016



It was with some trepidation that I visited Brian Parson’s Brain Training group as I felt that maybe my brain is no longer capable of being trained and is more likely to be in a state of permanent decline!!

The group meets in a residential complex in very comfortable and warm surroundings.

Meetings take place every Tuesday afternoon from September to April for an hour and a half of what seemed like fairly intense activity (no tea break for this group!)  Mostly the members work individually,  although when someone gets stuck, as I did frequently, then others chip in to help and Brian is constantly looking over shoulders to offer assistance.

There are a range of paper exercises each week presented in quite quick succession  with the initial set addressing different brain areas:


Mind Power

Logical side of the brain

Creative side of the brain


I sat on a table with Joy, Pam, Katie and Sally all of whom made me feel very welcome. There are 15 members of the group with 6 people joining this year. The others have been attending for some years so I guess now must be “very brainy”. They were welcoming and I wasn’t made to feel too lacking in brain cells, although I definitely struggled with quite a lot of the material, particularly the memory exercise test which lost me after the first three sentences!!

The second part of the training concerns logical exercises focusing on words, numbers or codes, this week it was words, with one of the sheets entitled Double Cross although double confusing was my take on it!  I am sure that after a few sessions the grey matter would become more agile, which can only be a good thing.

There are 15 people currently registered on the attendance sheet, and on the day of my visit ten members were present. With 15 sessions in each of the two terms and at a cost of £10 a term this is a very economical way of utilising time, making new friends and encouraging the old grey matter to keep ticking along in an enjoyable way.

Accommodation is excellent, parking is available and most importantly brain assistance is always willingly given. What better way could there be to spend a cold and wet winter’s afternoon. I thoroughly recommend what has to be a very “good for you” activity. I brought home the sheets, which for me were mainly only half finished, and will, no doubt, peruse them at home over a cup of coffee (well maybe a glass of wine) and see if I can become a little more intelligent. I may even inflict one of them on my family as a Christmas game!!

My thanks to Brian and the group for allowing me to visit.


Roving Reporter (HK)


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