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Roving Reporter - Quiz Night November 2016

Added on: Sun 20th November 2016

Peterborough U3A Annual Quiz Night

On the a chilly November night the collective brains of Peterborough U3A congregated at Christchurch Hall in Orton Centre to flex their grey matter against one another in the yearly Quiz Night.

There was a very good turnout with 11 tables of 5 or 6 budding Brains of Britain on each table.  The excitement was palpable as the teams started to take their seats awaiting Brenda (Fearon) to call them to order.  Various items of food appeared on each table with some resembling a veritable banquet. 

The night was an opportunity for the Committee to try out their new speaker and microphone system in a large(ish) venue, and it soon became apparent that the sound levels were more than adequate for a medium sized hall, so hopefully will be good in a larger venue as well.

Some of the question sheets were handed around for deliberation throughout the evening, whilst others only came out as the rounds evolved.  The subjects included Numbers, Plants and Trees, Geography, Crime, UK Buildings, Science, Food and Music.

The questions were asked by Brenda and her capable questioneers Gill Parsons, Connie Yarwood and Brenda’s daughter who kindly volunteered to help out.

There was some banter flying around as questions were asked and each table was zealously trying to protect their answers from falling into the hands of other tables.  On the table I was assigned to we seemed to get into a rut of 7 correct answers from every 10-question set, but we felt we were doing okay.


At the half way point we all had a break for tea and coffee – with biscuits – provided by the committee, but there were a few bottles of wine popping their heads up on quite a few tables, so, although a cuppa went down well, a glass of red, white or rose went down even better.


The results came, after a lovely evening out, with the TTs (from the Table Tennis group) coming first with 84 points out of a possible 100.  They were followed by the “Hopefuls” scoring 82 points.

A raffle was held with various prizes – there were about 10 lucky winners, but the intrepid Roving Reporter wasn’t one of them.

After all the jolliness had concluded Brenda announced that the event had been so well subscribed to that she was looking to hire a larger, more central hall for the next events, and also that due to the last 2 successful Quiz Evenings, consideration was being given to making it a twice yearly affair – so if you fancy yourself and a few friends to be budding Master Minds keep your eyes out for 2017s events


For pictures of the night - see here


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