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Roving Reporter - Country Dancing Group

Added on: Mon 12th September 2016

As one the PU3A Roving Reporters I visited the Country Dancing Group on the 6th September. I assumed I knew where the village hall was. After all Marholm is not a big village and I have ridden my bike through it on many occasions! After going wrong, consulting my smart phone and a local farmer, I found it on the Castor Road in time to witness the first dance.

The group leader is Ann Pollack assisted by her husband Malcolm. Ann and Malcolm also lead the UK holidays group.

The group started in 2009 and meets in Marholm Village Hall every Tuesday afternoon between September and the end of July. They start at 2 pm for two hours of lively exercise, intellectual stimulation (trying to learn the dance), and enjoyment as they try out new and different dances.

There are usually about 30 members in the group but as it was still the holiday period when I visited there were reduced numbers. The 16 who were there were certainly enjoying themselves. Country dancing is usually done with partners, so because of the lack of males, Ann provides sashes for ‘honorary’ males to enable people to partner up for the dances.

Ann does the ‘calling’ which is essential to enable the dancers to know what to do and the music is provided by a CD player. The dancers do a set of two dances followed by a short break to recover. After about an hour, Malcolm retreats to the kitchen to make the coffee and tea to give everyone a well-earned tea break for fifteen minutes.

During the tea break I spoke to Dorothy Peach who has been going to the group since 2010, shortly after it started, she said she goes because it’s good fun and she enjoys the exercise, the company and trying different dances.

If you are interested in joining, contact Ann Pollack on 01733 269108.

See Here for Photo Gallery of the visit


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