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Possible email attacks within PU3A

Added on: Mon 22nd August 2016

An Important Notice to All PU3A Members

It has been brought to our notice that there is a potential threat to PU3A members emails and other data from a virus being passed around via email.

If you should receive an email message from a friend/member of a group to which you belong reading "Hi ****** (your name)" with a link within the message, then treat this with extreme caution.

The recommendation is that you immediately delete the mail and also remove it from your Deleted Messages folder.  You may then like to contact the alleged sender to enquire whether they have actually sent you the message.  If they deny knowledge we would suggest that you tell them that you suspect their email account has been hacked and that they should take steps to cleanse their computer/device 

The reason we are putting this message out is that there is a suspicion that someone has maliciously penetrated the Address Book of someone within one of the PU3A groups, and this will, if left to run its course, infect all of the PU3A users with email addresses held by others.  As people belong to more than one group and as it takes hold will the problem will traverse different groups.

Whilst only a few have had this problem so far there is a suspicion that clicking on the link will accept a virus onto the recipient's computer allowing access to, at least, the Address Book, if not to more important files, such as Internet Banking, email, and other personal data within the users computer

We would also remind all PU3A members of the need to keep their computer security up to date, to minimise the risk of such attempted attacks.  A good anti-virus will normally prevent such infection as long as you regularly update the anit-virus software and run it in background or at least at regular intervals.


Please be vigilant about such things.


Disclaimer - This notice is only to make PU3A members aware of a possible problem, but as an organisation PU3A can take no responsibility for infection of any device used by its membership and/or any subsequent costs to repair a device.  Also there is no responsibility accepted for the loss of/theft of personal data from a users device.


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