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Roving Reporter - Bowling Groups (Mon/Tue/Wed)

Added on: Wed 3rd August 2016


On 27th July 2016 the intrepid Roving Reporter ventured out to Bretton to see what a Bowling Charity Event was all about.

At the AMF bowling alley in Bretton the Wednesday League Bowler’s group leader, Steve Powell had arranged a ten pin bowling morning to raise funds for Cancer Research.  All 3 Ten pin bowling groups from Peterborough U3A were invited along with 12 guests from neighbouring Bourne U3A.

The turnout was strong with 43 bowlers all arriving by 10am champing at the bit to toss their heavy balls down a 60ft x 42-inch polished lane to scatter 10 Indian Clubs (professionally known as Pins) to the north, south, east and west.  Shoes were donned and bowling balls polished to within an inch of their lives in readiness for the off.

Taking up 14 of the 20 lanes at the AMF, the 43 U3A bowlers got under way at 10:15.  The bowlers were of varying skill levels and ages from people scoring around the 70s and 80s for 10 frames through to the more competent bowlers achieving a very creditable 190+; with ages ranging from just retired 60s through to more senior players of 80+.

With so many lanes to watch I tried desperately to find someone with a “Turkey” (3 strikes in a row) but although I am sure there must have been one or two I failed to spot one.  There was also a little confusion on my part when some bowlers seemed to be bowling in two adjacent lanes, however a regular, Pat Robertson, explained that this is regular League practice where each bowler bowls each frame from one of two lanes (as indicated on the scoreboard) to prevent them “getting their eye in” on one particular lane.  Pat told me that she took her courage in her hands some 4 years ago and came down to the PU3A bowling as a single lady and found everyone to be really friendly, so decided to stay.

The morning consisted of 2 games of 10 frames in each game, and at the end of the first game there was a tie for top score between 2 Dave’s.   The first was Dave Hunt from PU3A with a score of 192, but he did say his best ever score was 279 which is some pretty mean bowling.  The second Dave on 192 was Dave Rippon (and yes he is distantly related to Angela) who was an invitee from Bourne U3A.  Dave told me his best ever score was 245, which again is pretty good going.

The ladies were well represented with probably 50% of the day’s participants being lasses.  Millie Walker took some time chatting to me, and informed me she had moved to Ten Pin Bowling from Green Bowls as she found it less strenuous for her legs.  After 2 years she had moved up in weight of ball as she got more used to the game.

Another lady I spoke to was June Fox who, at 83 years old was the most senior lady there, and she attends the League Bowling on a Wednesday with her husband, Roy, who at 84 was one of the more senior men.  Whilst chatting to Roy it seemed like he was a favourite with the lady bowlers, but June took it all in her stride, laughing loudly when I said I would write him up as Casanova Fox.

The organiser, Steve Powell, had also arranged for a raffle to raise more funds with 7 prizes on offer and 1st prize was a new bowling ball, so it was just as well everyone there was a bowler J

The money for the charity was raised by each bowler paying a little over the normal price for the games and the raffle.  The raffle raised £150 and a further £295 was raised from the bowling fees.  A total of £445 was raised for Cancer Research and this was passed to PU3A committee member Hilary Lewis, who is undergoing treatment at the moment, for donation to the cause.  Hilary was unaware that she was the primary driver for this fund raiser and was visibly moved that Steve Powell and the other Group Leaders with their members were thinking of her when the event was organised.

The overall winners of the days bowling,  apart from Cancer Research,  were as follows –

The Men’s Series winner - David Hunt with a total of 383

High game score -  Barry Chisnall 201

Team winners were Lane 1 Bill Rutterford, ,Dave Ripon & Barry Chisnall with a total of 965

Sheila Howard won the Ladies with a 191 game  and  a 340 series


So if you fancy a go at this pleasant and exciting sport then please contact one of the 3 group leaders shown below and they will give you more detail.  All the bowlers are a friendly bunch and I’m sure you will be made to feel welcome.


Monday General sport) -  Margaret Lea Telephone: 01733 572245

Tuesday (General sport) - Alan Lane Telephone: 01733 770279 Email:

Wednesday (League Bowling)  – Steven Powell Telephone 01733 570632


For a video of the morning click here


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