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Roving Reporter - Pitch and Putt Group 2

Added on: Sat 2nd July 2016

Pitching Your Putts

T’was a bright Monday morning down at Orton Meadows when a small band of U3Aers gathered for their bi-weekly wander around a gentle course of 12 holes of lobbing a ball at a little stick and flag using another stick as the propellant.

Jeanne (pronounced the French way) gathered her group of people together at the Pro Shop for the draw to see who would play with who; they divide into groups of 3 or 4 and start at different holes around the course to stop any hold ups.

The levels vary from people who have played serious golf at some point in the past – Jeanne was an avid golfer in both Surrey and Cambridge in previous times – to those who just want to take a walk with a bit of upper body exercise thrown in.  There is no need to worry about your standard of play as all are encouraged by their playing partners.

The longest hole is an achievable 64 yards so there is no real strain involved, and whether you can wack out a hole in one or it takes you 7 or 8 to make the little white orb disappear down the hole it matters not.

I played with Jeanne and Terry and a newcomer called Elaine (the wife actually), and the chat flowed easily as we progressed from hole to hole.

The other 2 groups were made up of Rae, Eunice, Moira, Julia Len and Sandra, with ages for the group ranging from fairly recently retired through to those who are spritely Octogenarians.

The group has varying numbers turn up with the most being around 18, however there is a second group running on opposite Mondays (so you could get a round in every week if you wanted) that also has up to 20 participants.

A round takes about an hour over the nice flat fairways and well-kept greens;  but once the golf is over the important part of the morning kicks in -------- Coffee and a bun back in the Notcutts café, for a chat.

The whole group gathers together for another half an hour, and enjoy a beverage and possibly a scone or a bun to recharge the batteries and discuss whatever comes up between them.

A round costs about £3.50, (which is a reduced rate for U3A members) and you do not have to pay for the car park so long as you register your car when you pay in the pro-shop.  Add the cost of your cuppa and the whole morning comes to just over a fiver to exercise both mind and body. 

The Roving Reporter had a thoroughly enjoyable morning with the Pitchers and Putters of Pitch and Putt Group Two – I would certainly recommend this group for someone who wants a challenge with club and ball but not the physical stresses and mental anguish of 18 holes on a full golf course

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