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Roving Reporter - Bowls at Barnack

Added on: Sat 2nd July 2016


I had a very enjoyable visit this morning with the Bowls at Barnack Group, despite the rain. I spent the morning with this very successful and lively group, talking with Malcolm Bayes, the group leader, club coach Tony Andrews and club chairman Phill Collins.

The U3A Bowls at Barnack group commenced in May 2015 under the leadership of Malcolm and has now grown to having an average of 25 people attending each week on either Thursday or Saturday morning for a friendly and social game of bowls. Payment is on a “pay as you go” basis and the money is for the bowls club.

Attenders can be complete novices initially and will have help from one of two coaches if they wish. Tony Andrews was very patient with me this morning, showing me how to hold the bowl and position myself to play it. Those joining will have a couple of coaching sessions and then, once they feel ready will take a full part in the group activity.  Lots are drawn each week; members play with different people which provides opportunity to get to know everybody. The group has informal competitions with end of season rewards announced at the annual dinner. About 25 members went on a bowls holiday to Norfork this year which was greatly enjoyed.

Apart from needing flat soled shoes there is no dress code so the vision of ladies in grey skirts and white blouses is now a myth. When people get really keen on the activity they may decide to wear white tops and wind proofs etc. but there is certainly no obligation.

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