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Added on: Sat 16th December 2017

This page is to inform members and potential members of Peterborough U3A of any new groups being formed and also any major news items concerning current groups. (Last updated 16/12/17)

Proposed New Groups
The following are new groups which have been proposed but are looking for enough members to make them a viable proposition.  If you are interested then please either add your name to a list displayed at the Monthly Meetings or contact Hilary Keegan
  • Accordion (Improvers/Intermediate)
  • Craft
  • Scrabble 2

Groups Looking for new members‚Äč

Whilst most groups are open for new members most of the time, occasionally groups need an injection of new blood to keep them fresh.  Some groups in that situation are shown below.  If any of them pique your interest then see the Group Page (click the group name) and if still interested give the Group Leader a call

Acoustic Sounds

Walking Thursday Tramps

50’s Rock and Roll playing

Crime Reading
(Call Hilary)

Bowls at Bretton (summertime)

Guitar Improvers


Line dancing beginners

Indoor Bowls

Croquet (summertime)
Call Hilary

Short/Touch Tennis


Groups Looking for a New Leader

The name Group Leader does not neccesarily mean the person who has the knowledge required to "teach" a group on the technicalities of the group - often it just requires someone with organisation skills to do some of the varied tasks to keep the group running.  This may be things such as organising room booking or collecting fees or kepping members up to date on what is happening.  Obviously you need to be part of the group, but that may be just as a participant.

The following groups are in need of new leaders as the previous post holder has had to step down - such is the nature of our membership.  If you feel you could volunteer you are given great support by our Group Co-ordinator, so give her a call (Hilary Keegan 01733 265769)





We try to avoid long term waiting lists, but without leaders we sometimes have no option until a new leader comes along.


Groups Started Recently

Ukulele Playing (Beginners)   -See here

Canoeing Group - see here

Darts See Here

Easy Walking - See here

Whist  See Here

Singing Something Simple  See Here

Basic Electronics - see here

Playing Guitar - see here

Dance - an Introduction - see here

Calligraphy  See here


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