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PU3A Data Protection Policy

PU3A Data Protection Policy

PU3A Privacy Policy 2018

Updated PU3A Privacy Policy

PU3A Brochure

PU3A Publicity Leaflet

Membership Renewal Form 2018_9

Membership Renewal Form 2018/9 (with GDPR)

Membership Application Form 2018_9

Membership Application Form 2018/9 (with GDPR)

Want to join Facebook but worried about data protection

Are you thinking "PU3A have a Facebook page and I want to join, but Facebook is dangerous" - - it doesnt need to be. Some Guidance on staying safe in Facebook and the general etiquette of the place

April 2017 Newsletter

Retro-upload of April 2017 Newsletter

How to use Facebook

A guide to using Facebook for beginners

Montenegro Holiday Balances

Request for payment and forms for Montenegro holiday 2018

January 2018 Newsletter

January 2018 Newsletter
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