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Reading Group (2nd Crime) - Crime Curious Books

On a chilly October day three of us came to Werrington library to join a new reading group, a little apprehensive, but keen to start.

Our guide was Mary Purdon who already ran her own crime reading group.

She explained how her group had started and developed over time  and that we should find the way that would work best for us.

We were soon chatting about the books we'd read and some of our favourite authors. We enjoyed coffee/tea and bisciuts and left the library armed with our book of the month.

Since then our group has doubled in size. We read a different book each month - some we like, other not so much. However we do enjoy lively discussions and are able to request certain books from a list the library provides.

We have two more spaces in our group for anyone who is interested in joining. We have limited the group to 8 partly because of space in the library but mostly because we feel that if the group is too big there won't be time for everyone to speak.

Next meeting: Monday 13th March at 2pm

                          Werrington Library

Werrington Library

Organiser: Janet Quick
Telephone: 01733 320223

Usual activity day: Monday
Frequency: M2

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