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Yoga Group 2 (Wednesday)

Welcome back.

Classes begin again on 19th and 21st September 2018.

I look forward to seeing you all.



The classes are based at East Community Centre, Padholme Road. Each class is suitable for beginners and experienced students.  The classes include breathing exercises, gentle yoga postures and relaxation techniques.  The focus is on improving and maintaining flexibility, strength, balance and generating a feeling of wellbeing. We work standing, with chairs and/or on the floor. Alternative postures will be offered for you to choose the one appropriate for you – we are all different. Please remember that you are the only one who knows how your body feels.

The groups are lively and friendly.

What to bring: If you have your own Yoga mat or a suitable body length rug or towel then please bring it along. I have some mats that are available if you do not have one. You may also wish to bring a blanket for the relaxation at the end of the class and for extra support in some postures.

What to wear: Wear comfortable loose clothing that does not restrict movement. Yoga is practiced barefoot as this helps you to feel more grounded and you become more aware of the subtlety of movement within the foot. If you are uncomfortable with this for any reason some people wear socks and take them off for the postures where their feet need to have a good grip, or they wear socks that grip.

We tend to run for 6 weeks at a time and include the summer period.  Your payment will be needed on the first day of any run, unless you have already enrolled on enrolment day. The fees work out at £4.00 per session, so a 6 week run is £24.00.  Cheques are preferred and should be made payable to "Peterborough U3A".
You will also need your current U3A membership card. For an out-of-date web page but an accurate map giving the location  go to

I hope you find time to give us a try.


Kath Chiswell
Tel: 01733 569951

East Community Centre, Eastgate

Organiser: Kathryn Chiswell
Telephone: 01733 569951

Usual activity day: Wednesday
Frequency: W

Affiliated to the Third Age Trust. [Sitemap]