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Calligraphy Group

The calligraphy group is continuing to move forward, learning new alphabets and techniques.  We are presently practising with the Gothic alphabet, using lower and capital letters and have recently done some gilding work on the capitals.

Anne has prepared an exciting programme for us to follow to take us through to the end of term, and demonstrates a new concept each week which we then practise in class.

Each week we then are asked to either write a sentence, a poem, make a name badge or something as homework.  The classes are however, very light-hearted and enjoyable, so nothing like

'going back to school'.

The following week (IF we have completed our homework - no lines though if you haven't - so dont worry) we show what we have done and discuss the quality of the work.

We are all very grateful to Anne for her help and advice and I am sure the beginners class, which she has also agreed to teach, will enjoy it and gain a new skill.


Bretton Library

Organiser: Yvonne White
Telephone: 01733 742977

Usual activity day: Wednesday
Frequency: M2 & M4

Wed, 24th Apr 2019 at 2 -4pm
Affiliated to the Third Age Trust. [Sitemap]