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Canoeing Style (Spring/Summer Activity)

Canoe Sessions


Note: the format for the canoeing courses has changed from previous years. This is to ensure that more members can be catered for during the months of May to September.


There will be five sessions of two hours each for five members at a time, focused initially on the lake at the sailing centre at Ferry Meadows. We will venture on other parts of the R Nene during the course. It is proposed to run the sessions at a time/day convenient to those who sign up for the course and to fit into my schedule too.


The sessions will be under my control. I am a fully qualified Canoe England coach, through The Packers Canoe Club (Packers). Packers is centred at Ferry Meadows and the club will be supplying the boats, paddles, buoyancy aids and any other additional equipment that is required.


Packers is the leading coaching club in the east of England. Of the 200 members, around forty hold canoe and kayak coaching qualifications. Packers club nights are on Wednesdays at Ferry Meadows during the summer months and at Ramsey leisure centre pool on Friday nights during the winter months. The club caters for young people/children and any age of adults.


The sessions for U3A members will be in Canadian canoes, with two people per boat initially. This will give members the opportunity to master the various strokes and improve their technique before possibly handling a boat on their own. Canoes can be heavy to manoeuvre initially, by single paddlers.


The cost will be £30 for the complete course of five sessions. Please note that once members have signed up for a course, they agree to attend all five sessions. If a session is missed there will not be a refund for that particular session.


For this fee each U3A course member will become a member of Packers. By doing this course, members will have full liability insurance and enables paddlers to have a reduced launch fee of £1.25 instead of the usual cost, placed on the public by Nene Trust, of £5 per half day.The cost of the course also includes the weekly session launch fee of £1.25 per boat.


The course fees will be paid to Packers. My time is given freely for the benefit of U3A members and that of the Packers club.


As members of Packers, U3A course members will also be able to come to club nights and make full use of the facilities for the next twelve months.


Course members can make use of the changing facilities at Ferry Meadows and also the café for a chat and get together after a session. No specific clothing is required to canoe other than the usual rain top should the weather be inclement. This is a canoeing course and you will not be swimming or even getting your feet wet so do not worry on that score.


Les Ranford will be leading this group - he can be contacted on 01832 280731 or

E mail: 

Ferry Meadows

Organiser: Leslie Ranford
Telephone: 01832 280731

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