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Bowls Indoor

This is a 6 week course for people who are new or relatively new to Indoor Bowls.  The courses will run on Tuesday afternoons at 4.00pm and will continue throughout the year.  By the end of the course you will be a reasonably competent bowler and you will have a working knowledge of the rules of the sport.  Bowls and shoes will be provided for you to use during the course.  On completion of the course you will be able to become a member of the Peterborough Indoor Bowls Club and continue your new hobby, either at a purely social level, or if you wish at league, club or county level.

Cost £3 per 2 hour session....

Why Indoor Bowling?

You can bowl indoors for 12 months of the year in a nice warm and dry environment protected from our fickle climate.  You can even enjoy a drink while you're playing, if you so wish.


Peterborough Indoor Bowls Club, Burton Street

Organiser: Martin Bunning
Telephone: 01733 238677

Usual activity day: Tuesday
Frequency: W

Affiliated to the Third Age Trust. [Sitemap]