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The Rhythmaires band is re adjusting to life after our Group Leader, Audrey Creed, retired.   Audrey ran the band for over 20 years, after starting with a small group of recorder players . Dozens must have passed this way, and a lot of them, myself included, had no experience of playing with a large number of fellow musicians.  Thanks to learning from Audrey, I now have the confidence to take musical classes myself,  and I am sure plenty of others have benefited greatly from her teaching.  May I express the gratitude of all of us for your work over the past decades.  Have a lay in on Mondays, Audrey, the band will continue, and you will be pleased with our progress.  Thank you from all of us!

From September 4th, 2017, the group will be meeting at Paston Farm, Monday mornings 10 to 12.  We are moving because we are now to big for Bishopsfield.

Paston Farm

Organiser: Brian Haswell
Telephone: 01733 700896

Usual activity day: Monday
Frequency: W

Affiliated to the Third Age Trust. [Sitemap]