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Wood Turning (4 Groups)

Wood turning is a creative activity that is usually undertaken by productive people who have a desire to utilise the products of nature to create the works of art that others might not want to display on the grand piano.Wood turning concentrates the mind on the development of new skills of both design and dexterity, with the aid of others in the process of sharing knowledge.

By virtue of the equipment and tools required for this hobby, we are fortunate to have a partnership with the Village Turners, who provide these facilities and a willingness to share their knowledge and skills with our members for the benefit of those with a common interest.

"One good turn deserves another"

From February the woodturning group will be meeting on a Tuesday and Wednesday - The course will run for 10 weeks, with the first dates shown below.

Central Peterborough

Organiser: Colin Parr
Telephone: 01480 830395

Usual activity day: Wednesday
Frequency: W (Tuesday & Wednesday)

Affiliated to the Third Age Trust. [Sitemap]