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Walking - Nordic Walking

The use of poles in Nordic walking exercises the whole body and utilises muscles that would not otherwise be exercised when walking without the poles. When using Nordic walking poles efficiently, you feel more fit and benefit from the greater energy expenditure of the activity. This sport is open to all members who are fit enough for the activity; if you have any doubt as to your fitness, you must consult your doctor.

Obtaining training from a qualified trainer is ideal, and new members can be given contact details of trainers. However, initially, for those new to Nordic Walking, there are several You Tube videos which  are very useful to watch to learn how to use the poles.  

The first video we recommend is the 'Nordic Walking instruction video' and you can watch it by clicking here.

This second video is another useful introduction, 'Nordic Walking - An Introduction and How to' and you can watch it by clicking here.

The third video is a guide on how to choose the correct length of Nordic Walking pole for you and you can watch it by clicking here

Nordic walking:do it for your heart!

Event in 2016

Raising Money for Charity through the D of E challenge

Elaine Plant and Ann Grundy completed a 10 mile Nordic Walk for the Duke of Edinburgh Diamond Challenge in July 2016. They walked around Ferry Meadows in 3 1/4 hours raising money for the Duke of Edinburgh scheme for young people.

Ann is shown on the left of the photos with Elaine on the right


More recent walks

Here are other photos of some of us in the group. The first was taken in October 2016 in front of the Visitor Centre in Nene Park before we set out on the walk. The second was taken in January 2017 after a walk in Hampton; we treated ourselves and Elaine to a cream tea at Dobbies to thank her for leading our group very ably for many years. The next 2 photos were taken on a walk in the woods in Orton Longueville in February to look at the carpets of snowdrops.


Organiser: Christine Dilley
Telephone: 01733 239595

Usual activity day: Friday
Frequency: W

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