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The All Matters Welsh group meets on the first Thursday of every month at Peterborough Sports Club.  Our numbers seem to increase with every meeting and usually, after all the greetings and socialising, one member of the group will give a presentation on, of all things, Welsh Matters; anything of interest pertaining to Wales.

Many and varied have been the topics touched upon from  coal mining,  railways, , music, castles, Dylan Thomas and many others.  Most of us have learned something new about the land of our birth. Our membership include several English men and women and even an Irishman



2018 – 2019

Meetings 1st Thursday afternoon each month 2-4 pm

Venue Sports and Social Club, Bretton Gate (First Left on entering City Hospital Road)

Parking Free Please enter the registration of your vehicle on enteringthe building

Cost £4 annual fee payable in September


Coordinator  Meirion Griffiths. Tel: 01733 266483   e-mail:

Programme  Sandra Jones Tel: 01778 344235 e-mail:

Membership Linda Leonard Tel: 01733 759722 e-mail:




6 September

Welsh emigration to North America

Howell Price

4 October

Geology of Wales

Stuart Osborne

1 November

A Welsh Artist

Sandra Jones

6 December

R S Thomas - poet

Hilary Keegan


3 January

Annual Post Xmas shared lunch event with Welsh Jokes and Welsh harp music

Bring something to eat, either savoury or sweet, to share.

7 February

Our visit to Y Wladfa

(Welsh speaking Patagonia) 2018


Barbara and Meirion Griffiths

1 March

St David’s Day dinner

Meirion Griffiths

4 April

Quarrying in North Wales

John Williams

2 May

Robert Owen 1771 - 1858

Welsh Entrepreneur and Philanthropist

Meirion Griffiths

6 June

Book review, ‘Only Two Can Play’ By Kingsley Amiss

Sandra Jones

4 July

Visit Sempringham – Princess Gwenllian

Details nearer the time.

Sandra and Meirion


Friday 1st March - St David’s Day Lunch


For Details of Welsh Language Opportunities please contact Meirion (tel no as above)




Members of All Matters Welsh celebrate 2017 St David’s Day with a dinner at the Admiral Wells, Holme

From the flag above us, on his field of green and white the red dragon stood proud, beaming, watching over the assembly of the All Matters Welsh and Welsh Language groups, wearing their daffodils and their very best of sincere smiles of joy.  The occasion was to honour Dewi Sant - Saint David.  The venue was the admirable Admiral Wells inn in Holme, Huntingdonshire.  And how the hosts looked after us all!  Fine food, beautifully served and in more than adequate quantities!

This annual gathering dined well, listened to fine Welsh harp music and were entertained by individual members: poetry, anecdotes and of course, singing.  Our voices may weaken a little more with each passing year but none of us lose the ability to feel a tremble of tone in our renditions and to release the occasional tear from our eyes when raising our voices in song.

With the warmest appreciation, richly deserved and freely given to the Admiral Wells inn and to Meirion and Barbara Griffiths -and to all those who had contributed to the most pleasant occasion, diners left, happy with memories, to emerge into sunshine and nodding daffodils.

Geoff Johnson.


EXPLORING MID WALES IN STYLE 3rd to 7th April 2017

Not a U3A holiday, exactly, but definitely in style, this Impression Holiday began when a driver collected each of us from our homes and delivered us to their coach (their policy apparently, for all their trips except their one day outings.)

However, there were fourteen U3A members on board, mostly from the All Matters Welsh Group, and we were all delighted that the weather was a-typical for Wales, in that we had no rain at all!

We were booked into the Metropole hotel in Llandrindod Wells, the biggest hotel in Wales when it was built in the nineteenth century, and still run by the same family, but with all the mod-cons expected of a four star hotel. The food was excellent, with a large choice both at breakfast and at dinner, when we could choose from at least four starters for a start! Most of us settled for Welsh lamb for dinner on our second day in spite of seeing so many new born lambs frolicking and gamboling in the fields.

On our first full day we were joined by one of the rangers, an enthusiastic and very young man with a lovely sense of humour, with whom we learnt a great deal about the lakes and dams of the Elan valley, and how the people of Birmingham were saved from industrial pollution by the pure water gravitationally piped from the valleys. We were then shown around Abbey Cwm Hir, a trip into the past.

On Wednesday we went to Aberystwyth, which would have been much nicer if it hadn’t been so cold, but in the afternoon, we boarded the Vale of Rheidol Steam Train for a picturesque ride to Devils Bridge and the famous falls, from where our coach driver collected us and returned us to our hotel. The afternoon turned out lovely (Say that with a Welsh accent)

Thursday, we visited Haye on Wye, still in Wales, driving through the Brecon Beacons with its stunning scenery (and more sheep and lambs!) There are at least twenty-seven second- hand book shops in Haye on Wye, a lovely, friendly place where everyone seemed to know nearly everyone else and was happy to welcome visitors into their midst and engage them in conversation.

In the afternoon, we cruised along the Brecon Canal in a narrow boat at four miles an hour indulging in a cream tea, before being collected once again by our driver, Paul.

Paul was brilliant. He manipulated that coach through spaces not large enough for the average buggie, and was always at the designated pick-up point before us.

He drove us home via a garden centre, where we stopped for lunch, and there was a taxi waiting to take each of us home when we arrived back in Peterborough.

Mary Claxton


Visit to East Bridgeford Friday 7 July 2017

About two years ago, one of our members, Joan Thomas, left the area to live in East Bridgeford near Nottingham. After settling down, she joined a local Welsh group in her new area whilst remaining a member of All Matters Welsh in Peterborough. Joan travels widely but still manages to attend our monthly group meetings most months. Joan’s new group is known as Bore Coffi PYG. The PYG stands for Popeth yn Gymraeg or Everything in Welsh. The group is spread over a wide area and meet once a month in one another’s houses. They are not a U3A group and attract members from a wide age range. Parents turn up with young children who play together whilst adults enjoy adult Welsh company. They have a Welsh only policy, which enables their members to maintain their Welsh language skills. One of their members won the prestigious ‘Welsh Learner of the Year’ at the National Eisteddfod in 2013. Hopefully, this group encourages young parents, living in England to bring up their children to be bilingual in both English and Welsh.

Our Welsh conversation group were invited to join Joan’s new group at her house on 7th July. Being obedient members, we arrived early and welcomed ‘Bore Coffi PYG’ members at the door. After introductions, we discussed our two organisations and how they differed. They were a few members short as some of their regular attendees were at the National Eisteddfod in Llangollen. We were then treated to coffee and cake prepared by Joan which resulted in the rooms being a little quieter.

After coffee, we did what Welsh people do when they come together. No, we did not form a committee but we did form a choir and sing Welsh songs. Sheila Evans, our inhouse musician, played the keyboard provided by Joan. Welsh culture is so strong, that complete strangers can come together and sing a wide range of Welsh songs with everybody knowing all the words.

As time was slowly coming to an end, it was time to exchange information and e-mail addresses. After a vote of thanks by the coordinators of both groups and a declaration that we would wish to meet again, their group left. The Peterborough group then went to the local hostelry for a meal, along with Joan, before returning to Peterborough.

We all felt that the meeting had been an interesting and worthwhile occasion. We now had new friends who could converse with us through the medium of Welsh. Hopefully, Bore Coffi PYG will return the compliment and join us in Peterborough before too long.


Meirion Griffiths

All Matters Welsh



All Matters Welsh Celebrate St David’s Day

1st March 2018

Resilient, - that’s what the Welsh spirit is! Remarkably resilient!

The members of the “All Matters Welsh”, the Welsh Conversation” and Welsh Learners” groups battled through the snow, ice and howling wind to converge on the admirable “Admiral Wells” pub in Holme village for their annual celebration lunch on Saint David’s Day.

The pub was pleasantly warm and welcoming (and served jolly good food too. -with professionalism and gusto!). Beneath the Welsh flag; red dragon protective and warming the atmosphere, the cheerful diners rounded off their repasts with traditional “Bara Brith” and settled back to enjoy Dr Malcolm Sadler’s concise entertaining speech all about St David. The Welsh Conversation group gave captivating rendition of “Lawr ar Lan y Mor”. Mr Brian Keegan gave a very brave and successful solo song and poem reading. The “Canu am Bleser” Welsh Learners delighted the audience with their heart-felt singing of “Myfanwy”. Mrs Sheila Evans accompanied the singers on the key board. Concluding, Mrs Linda Leonard’s fascinating outline of the story of the Welsh National Anthem was followed by the entire company’s enthusiastic and proud performance of the anthem.

Many, many thanks must go to Mr Meirion Griffiths and to Mrs Barbara Griffiths and to everyone involved in this most successful event.

Friends, old and new, departed with memories to hold dear, to face the Arctic conditions outdoors. Resilient people! Happy resilient people!


Geoff Johnson and Annette Davies

All Matters Welsh Group

3rd March 2018

Sports Ground Bretton Gate (1st Left as you enter the City Hospital)

Organiser: Meirion Griffiths
Telephone: 01733 266483

Usual activity day: Thursday
Frequency: M1

Thu, 4th Apr 2019 at at 14.00 - to 16.00
Thu, 2nd May 2019 at at 14.00 - to 16.00
Thu, 6th Jun 2019 at at 14.00 - to 16.00
Thu, 4th Jul 2019 at at 14.00 - to 16.00
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