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Art - Alphabet of Art (2 Groups)

Members of the 'An Alphabet of Art' group share a love for all aspects of art and art history. We are working progressively through the alphabet and in our sessions look at, and discuss, an eclectic mix of aspects of art including artists, paintings, genres, terms used in art, periods and schools. We aim for breadth rather than depth, but without being superficial. The sessons are, unsurprisingly, very visual and we use music, poetry, historical writings and fiction to enhance our enjoyment and understanding of the topics we are studying. Members of the two groups contribute to the lively discussions and everyone's views are listened to and respected. Previous experience of groups like ours is not necessary but a love of art and a questioning mind most certainly are!


For a report and photos of our visit in April 2016 to the New Walk Gallery in Leicester click here

Paston Farm Community Foundation, Freston

Organiser: John Shearman
Telephone: 01733 270910

Usual activity day: Thursday
Frequency: M2

Affiliated to the Third Age Trust. [Sitemap]