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Basic Science

I coordinate the class which covers Earth Science, Physics, Chemistry and Biology. There are 3 main speakers to cover various subjects within the science disciplines. We have occasional one off talks both from within the class and visitors. Our outside visits include Wing Water Treatment Work and Peterborough Sewage Works. We cover the basics of Earth science, building the Earth from Big Bang to Plate Tectonics and a selection of talks from the Geological Matters Class. Our Biology is biased towards Human Biology and the Chemistry includes amongst other subjects The Periodic Table and Organic Chemistry (long chain Carbon molecules that cover life to plastic bottles). Physics, from Newton to the laws of Thermodynamics.  In fact, anything to do with science we can probably cover and at a depth you can understand.  We don't want to frighten you but to gently impart knowledge and a better understanding of science.
South Bretton

Organiser: Stuart Osborne
Telephone: 01733 233840

Usual activity day: Tuesday
Frequency: W

Affiliated to the Third Age Trust. [Sitemap]