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Earth Science

All matters of an Earth Science nature are taught with healthy interaction between me and the class. I build the Earth from Big Bang to Plate Tectonics and then teach the basic Rock Types before a geological Walk around Peterborough to see the various interesting and surprising rocks we have. We visit The Earth Science Section at the NHM and Cambridge University's famous Sedgwick Museum. I cover Fossils and Global Warming and Rock Dating. From Volcanoes through Tsunamis, Tides, Monsoons to Ocean currents and Atmospheric Wind Systems. I cover Ice Ages in general and, in considerable detail, the current one. Also more recent climate changes. It's an Extravaganza of Earth Science.
Orton Waterville

Organiser: Stuart Osborne
Telephone: 01733 233840

Usual activity day: Monday
Frequency: W

Affiliated to the Third Age Trust. [Sitemap]