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This is a discussion and learning group. Each member researches a set subject and shares information and knowledge.


Basic Science

I coordinate the class which covers Earth Science, Physics, Chemistry and Biology. There are 3 main speakers to cover various subjects within the science disciplines. We have occasional one off talks both from within the


Earth Science

All matters of an Earth Science nature are taught with healthy interaction between me and the class. I build the Earth from Big Bang to Plate Tectonics and then teach the basic Rock Types before a geological Walk around

Electronics (Basics)

The Group runs on a fortnightly basis on a Wednesday, however when the evenings draw in this may become a weekly meeting.   The aim of the group is to give a basic understanding of some Electronic Pr

Engineering Group

The Engineering Group works cooperatively with Peterborugh Engineering Society making use of their programme of meetings held at Perkins Engines Learning Centre. Entry by Gate 4.   In the Summer we have a coup


Raspberry Pi

We meet on the  2nd Wednesday of the month at 12.00 at the Botolph Arms - Oundle Road For more info contact COLIN YARWOOD on What can you do with this superb little tool.... jo
Affiliated to the Third Age Trust. [Sitemap]