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Exercise Groups


American Square Dance

Learn to American Square Dance   The group  meets on 1st, 3rd and 5th Tuesday at Marholm village hall 2 to 4pm.   What is FUN about square dancing? Square dance benefits include such things



This is a "restarted" PU3A group that will run from 2-4pm every Saturday afternoon at the Hampton Sports Centre (see below)  

Belly Dancing - Beginners

Belly dance is a low to medium impact activity. It is based on traditional Arabic dance - Raks Sharki - and exercises the whole body with sinuous fluid movements, contrasted with stronger moves such as shimmies or hip dr

Belly Dancing - Improvers

This group is for those ladies with some experience of Belly dance. We learn more advanced moves and dances with more challenging choreography, needing increased stamina. We dance Egyptian style as well as Turkish style

Bowls - Bretton

The members and friends of Bretton and District Bowls Club extend a warm invitation to U3A members who are novice or experienced bowlers. Full support is given, and all equipment is provided – all you need to do is

Bowls Group (Barnack)

Malcolm Bayes, U3A member and member of Barnack Bowling Club is interested in setting-upa U3A Bowls Group either on a Thursday or Saturday morning - contact Malcolm 01733 571246   Roving Reporter art


Canoeing Style (Spring/Summer Activity)

Canoe Sessions   Note: the format for the canoeing courses has changed from previous years. This is to ensure that more members can be catered for during the months of May to September.   Ther

Cycling - Wednesday Cyclists

The Wednesday Cycling Group continues to grow, catering for cyclists of varying ability, with pedal or electric bikes. Rides take place, at a steady pace, on cycle paths and, at times, minor roads. We have recently intro

Cycling on a Friday

A new proposed cycling group who will meet weekly at Ferry Meadows Visitor Centre for a 10am start for, initially, roughly 10 mile bike rides around the highways and byways of Peterborough. The new Friday cycling grou

Cycling on a Monday

We vary our rides according to the weather conditions and the inclination of whoever is leading the ride that day.  Distances vary  between 25 miles and 35 Miles. We try to accommodate the needs of riders of


Dance - English Country Dancing

As we approach retirement and even pass it, we are urged on all sides to keep our minds and bodies active. Thoughts of mountaineering and brain training are in our heads as we scan the list of U3A activities offered. The


Football (Walking Football)

We meet at 10:00am at Netherton Football Club



(1) 9 holes for £5.10 (Option 18 holes for additional £5.10), unless you are a member of Nene Park GC, in which case your membership covers it. (2) no advance booking required (3) not available on publi

Golf - 18 Hole

  Video of the group playing on 22/6/16 Click here   A leisurely  game of golf for those wanting a nice walk spoilt by whacking a ball in front of you anything from 90 to 120 times 

Golf For Fun

The group meets at Gedney Hill Golf Club car park ready for a ball draw starting at 9.15am. We draw to play in groups of 3 over 9 holes on the golf course. Afterwards we all meet up again for coffee in the Bar. Occasi


Keep Fit

A general Keep Fit group of classes which is run in 6 week blocks - the sessions start at 4.00-pm and runs for an hour until 5.00pm. Call the group leader (details at the bottom of page) to check when next a


Line Dancing

This line dancing is a social group and there is no tuition. It is a friendly group that meets for dancing, exercise and pleasant music. Unfortunately we are full at present but interested parties can be added


Pitch & Putt Group One

Members ranging from complete novices to ex-golfers who no longer wish to play on a main golf course meet fortnightly on Mondays at 10 am to enjoy a round of 12 holes at Thorpe Meadows followed by coffee and chat in

Pitch and Putt Group Two

This group meets fortnightly on Monday at 10am (alternate Mondays to Group One) at Thorpe Meadows.   Roving Reporter Article - click here  


Rowing (2 x Groups) (Beginners & more experienced)

MEETING TIMES FOR SCULLING AND ROWING GROUP Peterborough U3A Rowing Group Leader is Barry Clarkson. The group meets at the PCRC Thorpe Meadows, Peterborough, on Mondays at 10am and on Thursdays  at 1.30pm. Me


Short and Touch Tennis 1

A new  group for those interested in Tennis, but without the rigours of the full game. We meet weekly on a Tuesday between 10:30 and 11:30  if you are interested please contact Annette, the group leader (

Short and Touch Tennis 2

A second new  group for those interested in Tennis, but without the rigours of the full game. We meet weekly on a Wednesday  between 2pm and 3:30pm  if you are interested please contact Annette,

Snooker and Pool

Detail to follow when available (Admin)


Table Tennis

Table tennis at Longthorpe Village Hall in Thorpe Road, Longthorpe, PE3 6LU 4.30 to 5.30 pm  Fridays . Cost £10 per 4 month term. August 2018 and Ken Kefford celebrates his 80th birthday with a game of Tabl

Table Tennis - Group 2

Hi, Are you interested in getting regular exercise playing table tennis, and having lots of fun in at the same time?   We're a very friendly, sociable group and we welcome everyone with some previous exp

Tai Chi (4 Groups)

For those unfamiliar with the concept of Tai Chi, it is based on the healing, meditative and ancient martial arts of China. Each of the seemingly gentle movements has a practical application. We practice the Yang family


Walking - Easy Walking

There are lots of walking groups within PU3A but this group is aimed at those who dont want to over-stretch their physical capabilities and just want a gentle stroll We have been walking weekly since mid May

Walking - Nordic Walking

The use of poles in Nordic walking exercises the whole body and utilises muscles that would not otherwise be exercised when walking without the poles. When using Nordic walking poles efficiently, you feel more fit and

Walking Group - Friday Nomads

There are 30 of us in this very friendly group.  We meet in the morning of the first and third Fridays of the month, from September to July, and take turns in organizing a stroll of approximately 3 miles and the

Walking Group: Amiable Amblers

The new leader of this group will update the details for this group soon ( Admin - 9/3/18)

Walking Group: Friday Strollers

Strolls take place on the second and fourth Friday of the month and are generally within a 15 to 20 mile radius of Peterborough. We usually meet and start our walks from village pubs at 10.30 for a 10.45 start, those

Walking Group: Red Kites

The Red Kites is a weekly walking group with all members taking responsibility for planning and leading walks, twice a year each person.  All walks begin and end at a designated pub with most members lunching.

Walking Group: Thursday Tramps Pub Walkers

Our walks are usually across fields and along tracks enjoying our local countryside and avoiding noisy roads with members mostly staying for a pub lunch or snack afterwards.  We  pre-order lunch before setting

Walking Group: Thursday Walkers

We meet every Thursday, come rain or shine (mostly the latter), and walk around 4 to 5 miles. The walks start within about a 20 mile radius of Peterborough. We generally, but not always, meet at a pub where most of us

Walking Group: Thursday Walkie - Talkies

See our video on the Peterborough U3A home page.  'The Walkie Talkies Go Walking on Water' If you would like more information about our walks or would like to join our group please contact me.   

Walking Group: Tuesday Footpath Walkers

We walk between 5 - 6 miles each Tuesday. Each week two different people lead the walk; they pick the route within about a 20 mile radius of Peterborugh. We usually share cars and then park up at a pub near the start of

Walking Group: Tuesday Trekkers

The Tuesday Trekkers walk every Tuesday in all weathers. Walks are seldom cancelled. We start and finish at a pub or garden centre for parking safety reasons. We arrive for 10am, order a pub lunch and use the facilities

Walking Group: Tuesday Walkers

We walk every Tuesday in all weathers, but it is nearly always fine on a Tuesday!. We do about four miles at a reasonable pace but enough to get back to a pub for a meal at about 12.30 having started out at 10.15. We wal

Walking Group: Village Walkers

Village Walkers.  We meet at 10:30 am on the 2nd and 4th Friday of each month and the 5th Friday when it arises, usually at a pub and finish there after the walk and have lunch. You will be expected to share the lea

Walking Group: Wednesday Walkers

The group meets every Wednesday at various starting points (usually within a 20 mile radius of central Peterborough) for a prompt 10 am start. We generally walk for about 5 miles over 2 hours. A quarterly programme of wa


Yoga Group 1 (Wednesday)

Welcome back. Classes begin again on 19th and 21st September 2018. I look forward to seeing you all. Regards Kath   The classes are based at East Community Centre, Padholme Road. Each class is suita

Yoga Group 2 (Wednesday)

Welcome back. Classes begin again on 19th and 21st September 2018. I look forward to seeing you all. Regards Kath The classes are based at East Community Centre, Padholme Road. Each class is suitable for

Yoga Group 3 (Friday)

Welcome back. Classes begin again on 19th and 21st September 2018. I look forward to seeing you all. Regards Kath The classes are based at East Community Centre, Padholme Road. Each class is suitable for
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