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Literature & Languages


Creative Writing & Writers' Forum (2 Groups)

These 2 groups run on parallel lines with a maximum of 9/10 members. We write fictional short stories based on given themes. In the sessions we read our work out and give positive feedback. We do a 10 minute activity

Creative Writing - Writing Creatively

This small group, with a maximum of 9/10 members writes fictional short stories based on given themes. In the sessions we read our work out and give positive feedback; we do a 10 minute activity, and have our n


French for Improvers [1]

This group is a continuation of the very popular class that Gigi Stephens ran for very many years. When Gigi's health problems meant that she could not continue, for the time being, in the active

French for Improvers [2]

This class is not currently active. The Monday 'French for Improvers' class continues to be available.          


German for Improvers

The German Language Improvers group on a Wednesday have been together over quite a long period of time and have made excellent progress. We speak German a lot of the time but there is time talking about cultural and s

German Language (Friday)

This German Language group were beginners last year but have progressed well. If you feel confident about picking up languages in general we could possibly accommodate a small number of beginners in

German Language (Tuesday)

This is quite an advanced German Language group. We  discuss topics of importance in Germany at any given time and we follow a textbook called “Themen aktuell”. In this group we speak mainly German.


Poetry Appreciation 1

The Poetry Appreciation group meets on the third Friday of each month. In general we cover English poets from Elizabethan to modern poets. Whether you like restoration poets, modernists or romantics we find time

Poetry Appreciation 2

The Poetry Appreciation group meets on the third Thursday of each month. In general we cover English poets from Eliabethan to modern poets. Whether you like restoration poets, modernists or romantics we find time

Poetry Writing

We meet at 10:00am on the third Thursday of each month at various locations   More detail to follow when known (Admin)


Reading - Contemporary Novels

We choose five or six good literary novels, often prizewinners, every term for our meetings in members' homes. At each meeting a member of the group introduces one novel. We discuss plot, characters, themes a

Reading - Orton Bookworms

This is a book group for men and women, reading contemporary novels in the main though not exclusively. The books will be chosen by the members of the group from a list supplied by the library or suggested by the memb

Reading - Wednesday Readers

Books are proposed by members from their own "Best I have read" list. Each book is "introduced" by its proposer giving a brief background on the author ~ using information available on the internet

Reading - Werrington Crime Readers

We are a friendly group who enjoy our lively discussions about crime fiction. These have recently included: The importance of a sense of place The treatment of women in Scandinavian thrillers - is the vi

Reading Club: Mysteries, Thrillers & Crime Novels

We have been travelling the world through mysteries based in Mongolia, China, Spain, Alaska and other countries. At the same time as Inspector Montalbano was shown on BBC4 we read some novels by Andrea Camilleri. We are

Reading Group (2nd Crime) - Crime Curious Books

On a chilly October day three of us came to Werrington library to join a new reading group, a little apprehensive, but keen to start. Our guide was Mary Purdon who already ran her own crime reading group. S


Spanish (Basic 2)

Tuesdays 1.30pm to 3.30pm. Teacher: Eric Rayner   Eric (the tutor) is a retired journalist, with native speaking Spaniards within his family, so has "hands on" use of the language on a dail

Spanish (Basic)

Tuesdays 10am to noon. Teacher: Eric Rayner Basic Spanish for those with very liitle or no knowledge of the language. Start date of the current session was 19th September 2017 and will carry through until

Spanish (Improvers)

For those with some knowledge of the Spanish language and who wish to improve it.

Spanish (Intermediate)

This group will be led by Caroline Davies and is intended for those who have a little knowledge of Spanish and takes place between 2pm and 4pm at the Copeland Centre Bretton

Storytelling Group

There is a proposal for a group for Story Telling. Anyone interested in this should contact Hilary Keegan on the details below to record their interest.  If there are enough people wishing to participate


Welsh - All Matters Welsh

  ALL MATTERS WELSH - FIRST THURSDAY OF THE MONTH The All Matters Welsh group meets on the first Thursday of every month at Peterborough Sports Club.  Our numbers seem to increase with every meeting and u

Welsh - an Introduction to the Language

This beginners' Welsh language course is designed for those with little or no knowledge. This is a keen and enthusiastic group with emphasis on enjoying themselves. Those who find they are ready to transfer to the mo

Welsh Conversation Group

This is a group for those wishing to maintain and improve their conversational Welsh in a friendly and sociable context.   For details of meetings contact  Hilary Keegan 01733 265769  

Welsh Language - Intermediate Group

A group for those Welsh speakers who have a reasonable grasp of the language - you do not need to be fluent, but this is above the standard of our other 2 groups ( Beginers and Improvers )

Welsh Language, Improvers Course

This is a second-year Welsh language course designed for those keen to speak the language. New joiners would need a basic knowledge. The group meets most weeks and those who take holidays and breaks can easily catch up,
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