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Art - Alphabet of Art (2 Groups)

Members of the 'An Alphabet of Art' group share a love for all aspects of art and art history. We are working progressively through the alphabet and in our sessions look at, and discuss, an eclectic mix of asp


Calligraphy 2

A NEW BEGINNERS CALLIGRAPHY GROUP    Following the meeting on Tuesday 15th January at Hilary Keegan's house (group co-ordinator)  we are now running a 2nd calligraphy group.

Calligraphy Group

The calligraphy group is continuing to move forward, learning new alphabets and techniques.  We are presently practising with the Gothic alphabet, using lower and capital letters and have recently done some gilding

Craft/Knitting Group

This is a new group.  We are currently looking at card making and knitting  Meetings take place at the Bishopfields Sheltered Housing Complex in Walton on Wednesday afternoon from 2:15.  Pl


Greetings Card Making 1

We are a friendly group who enjoy most aspects of card making.  We start each new group in September with Parchment Craft and this beautiful work usually takes us well into spring.   We then continue

Greetings Card Making 2

A very social group of card makers, all very willing to share their expertise and knowledge with others.


Knit and Natter

A small friendly group enjoying the pleasure of creating knitted garments for themselves and for others and enjoying each others' company.

Knit and Twitter

Unfortunatly this group is currently full (as at Oct 2016).  If you are an avid knitter who likes a bit of a twitter whilst clickety-clacking away then it may be worth thinking about forming a new group.


Painting for Enjoyment (mixed media)

Trevor Cross has set-up this group which follows on from Mike Henton’s 'absolute beginners course'. Venue from September to be finalised.  Expected cost will be about £3 per week.  Enquiries

Painting for Pleasure

Hi and welcome to our Painting for Pleasure page. Our group leader is  Alan Landsburgh.  Alan has been a practicing artist for many years and has experience in most mediums.  He has no secrets and is keen

Patchwork and Quilting 1

More details to follow when known (Admin)

Patchwork and Quilting 2

Further details to follow when known (Admin)


Roses & Castles (Canal Art)

  Roses and Castles U3A painting group. All are welcome to come and visit and to try their hand in the art of decorating household items in the style of the old Narrow boat painters. We decorate h


Training Course Activity (for GL Training Only)

THIS PAGE IS CURRENTLY BEING USED AS A PRACTICE AID FOR ONE OF OUR GLs   PE2 6SP   Cirque du Soleil Venue:               Royal Albert H


Watercolours - Friday Group

We are a group of 36 members and we meet every Friday afternoon at St Andrew's in Netherton.  This is a very popular group so there is normally a waiting list.  Examples of members' work

Watercolours for all

Several members of our group only started painting in 2012, thanks to Mike Henton's Absolute Beginners class. Since then we have been joined by people who have been painting for years, so all levels of expertise a

Wood Turning (4 Groups)

Wood turning is a creative activity that is usually undertaken by productive people who have a desire to utilise the products of nature to create the works of art that others might not want to display on the grand piano.
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