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Apologies for Monthly Meeting Cancellation (September)

Added on: Thu 28th September 2017

The PU3A Committee would like to offer their apologies to all of the members who tried to attend the September Monthly Meeting at the Town Hall on 28th September.  And an even bigger apology to Ernie Rusdale who was booked as speaker for a second time and had to be cancelled.

The reason and timeline for the cancellation went a bit like this - Up until 9am on 28th September, all was looking fine - however at 9am our Accomodation Secretary recieved a call from the Town Hall informing us that the room we use was "flooded".  It was explained to us that work being carried out on the Town Hall roof bycontractors is in progress, and where normally they cover the roof with plastic sheeting overnight, for some reason this was not done on 27th September, and with the overnight rain there was an ingress of water which was dripping into the room.

We did enquire whether there was an alternate room we could use, however the simple answer was "No".

If we had been given more notice we might have been able to contact more people to save them a trip (myself included) however, with the short timescale this was simply not possible.

We would hope to re-schedule Ernie and his talk on Peterborough and WWI at a later date - assuming he is not thoroughly fed up with us cancelling - but that will probably not be until 2018 as we have the AGM next month and a schedule for the rest of the year.

Again - profuse apologies for any inconvenience to all concerned.


Alan Locke (Web Admin) - on behalf od the PU3A Committee.

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