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PU3A 2017 AGM and Nominations Form

Added on: Tue 29th August 2017

PU3A AGM 2017

We are fast approaching our October Annual General Meeting on Thursday 26th at the Town Hall, starting at 10am (tea/coffee from 09:30)

This is an important time for the Peterborough U3A as the organisation is run by the members for the members, and your participation is integral to the ongoing wellbeing of our thriving group.

The current Committee would be very pleased to see as many PU3A members at the event as possible.

There will be reports made by the Officers of the PU3A committee including this year’s Finance Report (2016/7) and a round up by the Chairman.
Other committee members will be in attendance to answer any questions raised by the members at the meeting.

This is also the time when you, as a member, can nominate and vote on the post holders on the committee for 2017/8.

Often it is left to the sitting committee to just carry on as in the previous year, but it may be that there are people out there in our membership who have skills that they would like to use to inject some new ideas into how the PU3A develops over the next year. If you are, or know of, someone who would like to stand for the committee then all you need to do is complete the nomination form (here), get a seconder and send to the current Secretary. Each post-holder is elected for a one year period.
The nomination form can be found here

If there are multiple nominations for any post then the nominees will be voted on at the AGM.

The posts on the committee are shown below, with a brief outline of the post-holder’s responsibilities. The responsibilities are only a guide and other items may fall to the post-holder




  • Ensure the PU3A committee functions properly
  • Ensure the PU3A is managed effectively
  • Provide support and supervision to all Committee Members
  • Represent the organisation both within PU3A and sometimes externally


  • Taking calls
  • Handling correspondence (incoming and outgoing)
  • Maintaining the PU3A diary
  • Arranging appointments.
  • Preparing and collating reports.
  • Maintaining a filing system.
  • Organising and service meetings (produce agendas/take minutes etc)

Deputy Chairperson

To support the Chairperson in all of their responsibilities and be prepared to step in as needed


  • General financial oversight
  • To oversee and present budgets, accounts and financial statements.
  • To liaise with Committee and Members about financial matters.
  • To ensure appropriate accounting procedures and controls are in place.
  • To ensure compliance with relevant legislation e.g. Charity legislation.
  • To ensure any recommendations of the auditors are implemented.
  • To ensure accounts meet the conditions of contractual agreements with external agencies
  • To present financial reports to the committee.
  • To make a presentation of the accounts at the annual general meeting (AGM).
  • To advise on the organisation’s reserves.
  • To advise on the financial implications of any PU3A spend

Membership Secretary
(Committee Member Post)

  • Receive and progress membership applications/cancelations
  • Manage the organisation’s subscription renewal process.
  • Maintain current membership lists via the PU3A database

Group Co-Ordinator
(Committee Member Post)

  • To assist all Groups to run smoothly liaising closely with Group Leaders.
  • To help set up new groups and run “Interest sheets”
  • To organise the Activities Day once a year
  • To assist the Membership Secretary with New Members Meetings
  • To run a Group Leader meeting once a year

Speaker Secretary
(Committee Member Post)

Plan and book interesting Speakers for the Monthly Meetings and occasional other PU3A-wide functions

Accommodation and Publicity
(Committee Member Post)

  • Provide the Committee with relevant venues for various functions – anything from Committee Meetings to full membership functions.
  • Books all of the functions and meetings held throughout the year.
  • Organise publicity drives and leaflets to promote membership of PU3A
  • Distributes publicity leaflets as relevant

Data Protection
(Committee Member Post)

  • Ensure that PU3A is aware of, and abides by the requirements of Data Protection Legislation.
  • Advise on best practice where held data is concerned.

(Committee Member Post)

  • To arrange and maintain storage of PU3A equipment resources
  • To ensure an adequate “loan facility” is in place and carried out for this equipment.

Day Visits
(Committee Member Post)

To organise and advertise multiple Day Visits for the membership throughout the year.

(Committee Member Post)

  • To gather items of interest from within PU3A for publication in a tri-annual newsletter.
  • To organise publication and distribution of the above newsletter

Website Co-Ordinator
(Committee Member Post)

  • To maintain content of PU3A website
  • To assist both Committee and Groups with IT based problems

Committee Member
(Committee Member Post)

  • This member currently deals with catering requirements for PU3A-wide functions
  • To assist, where possible, with any items which occur for attention by the Committee outside of the above functions


We look forward to seeing you at the AGM

The 2016/7 PU3A Committee

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