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This mixed, fun and  friendly group meets weekly at The Coopers Pub South Bretton  -Thursday's 2:30 to 4.00 pm.  We are not great darts players and play for fun. 

Some of us meet earlier (at about 1.45 pm) for lunch, The Coopers serve good food at very reasonable prices (under £5 each).

There is an initial charge of £5, as a one off joining fee, to cover the purchase of darts/chalk/board markers etc, then the meetings are free apart from the cost of a drink - that is only fair as we are using commercial premises.  The picture below is of us celebrating Brian getting the knock out cup (by winning five knock out tournaments).  For more details/encouragement contact Joy Rooke on 01780 784010


South Bretton

Organiser: Joy Rooke

Affiliated to the Third Age Trust. [Sitemap]