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The group meets on the first Wednesday of each month at 10am at various locations in the Peterborough area for a walk of 2 to 2.5 hours. Locations vary through the seasons depending on the interesting wildlife likely to be about.

The walks are fairly sedate ambles at "birdwatching pace" and none of the potential localities are particularly strenuous. They may however be on paths that are uneven and muddy at times and there is no guarantee of good weather, so suitable clothing and footwear is essential. The other equipment you will need is a pair of binoculars.

This is intended to be an informal and sociable group and beginners are most welcome. These walks provide an opportunity both to learn about birds and other wildlife and to be introduced to some of the best local wildlife sites. If you are already an experienced birder, then come along to meet other like-minded individuals.

Whilst this is a birdwatching group, the interest is not restricted to birds. Over the course of the season there should be opportunities to see a wide range of other wildlife such as mammals, butterflies, dragonflies and other insects and some nice plants too.


Date Time Location
1 March 10:00 Ferry Meadows
5 April 10:00 Old Sulehay
19 April 19:30 Woodwalton Fen - evening walk
3 May 10:00 Castor Hanglands
7 June 10:00 -- no meeting (I will be away) --
5 July 10:00 Eggleton Reserve, Rutland Water
2 August 10:00 North Norfolk coast - day trip
6 September 10:00 Deeping Lakes
4 October 10:00 Frampton Marsh
1 November 10:00 Nene Washes
6 December 10:00 Eyebrook Reservoir & Rutland Water - North Arm

Next meeting

Wednesday, 6th December, Eyebrook Reservoir and North Arm of Rutland Water

Eyebrook Reservoir is located near Uppingham about 22 miles west of Peterborough and only 8 miles from Rutland Water. It was built in the late 1930s by damming the Eye Brook to supply water to the Corby steel works. It is an SSSI largely for its wintering wildfowl. It is managed as a private trout fishery and there is no public access. However it can be viewed from many points on the road that runs around about half of it and also a public footpath that runs along part of the eastern shore.

The reservoir attracts many wildfowl in Winter, especially large numbers of Wigeon and other dabbling ducks, but also diving ducks including Goldeneye and Goosander. Smew are often present in small numbers and one or another of the rarer Grebes turns up most years. Smaller birds likely to be seen in the hedges around the reservoir include Tree Sparrow and Yellowhammer.

The North Arm of Rutland Water can be accessed from the minor road that runs down the Hambleton Peninsular. Large numbers of waildfowl use this area in Winter often including Smew and the rarer grebes, especially Black-necked Grebe. Sea duck such as Scaup and Scoters and Great Northern Diver can sometimes be spotted, usually at considerable distance, on the main expanse of the reservoir. Herons and egrets and waders are also found here including Great White Egret and over-wintering Green Sandpiper.

Meet at 10am at the car park (SP852963) on the shore of Eyebrook near to Stoke Dry. To get there, take the A47 west to the roundabout with the A6003 close to Uppingham. Turn left at the roundabout and proceed along the A6003 through Uppingham. About 2 miles south of Uppingham, take the minor road to Stoke Dry - this is the first right turn after leaving Uppingham. Go through Stoke Dry and down the hill towards the reservoir. As you reach the shore, the road turn sharply right and the car parking area is on this bend and is quite obvious. We will view Eyebrook from various points along the road probably without going far from the cars. Depending on what we find and how long it takes, we will then move on to Rutland Water to scan the North Arm. This involves a short walk of about 300-400m from the parking spot.






Organiser: Stuart Ball
Telephone: 01733 567996

Usual activity day: Wednesday
Frequency: M1

Wed, 6th Dec 2017 at 10:00
Affiliated to the Third Age Trust. [Sitemap]